Little Mouse wants to explore the moon. He packed all his favourite things into the luggage. After packing, Little Mouse wanted to brush his teeth. After all this, he found that...



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Book Details
Title 我要去月球 Die Maus Fliegt Zum Mond
Author 安特耶·里特尔曼 (德) Antje Rittermann
Illustrator 安特耶·里特尔曼 (德) Antje Rittermann
Translated By 李沁怡 译
Publisher 外语教学与研究出版社
Date Published 1 January 2013
In Language Chinese (zh-cmn)
ISBN 9787513526876
Reading Level Ages 7 and above (Reading to Child Ages 5 and above)
Genre Children, Humour, General Fiction, Action and Adventure
Total Pages 19

我要去月球 Die Maus Fliegt Zum Mond

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