If Hugo Hippo and Bella Bird are going to make it to their costume party, they simply must learn to agree! A bright and cheerful picture book about friendship and compromise.Hugo Hippo has a best bird. Bella Bird has a best hippo. They make a perfect pair, and they are going to the Fairy Tale Dress-Up party together, of course: Hugo will be the princess, and Bella will be the pea.

No, wait: Bella will be the princess, and Hugo will be the pea….No, the first way. No, the second way. Wait, now, which way? If these two pals can’t agree on who will be the pea, their party plan will fall to pieces. But when a couple of surprise compromises lead to a new costume solution, Hugo and Bella learn that sometimes it feels better to make someone else happy than to get your own way—and that when it comes to friendship, they’re two peas in a pod.

Hugo and Bella mirror real-life give-and-take: Hippos and birds have symbiotic relationships in nature!

About the author Ann Bonwill.



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Book Details
Title 我不想当豌豆 I don't want to be a pea!
Author 安·邦威尔 (美) Ann Bonwill
Illustrator 西蒙·里克狄 (英) Simon Rickerty
Translated By 苏鑫 译
Publisher 外语教学与研究出版社
Date Published 1 January 2013
In Language Chinese (zh-cmn)
ISBN 9787513526883
Reading Level Ages 7 and above (Reading to Child Ages 5 and above)
Genre Children, Humour, General Fiction, Action and Adventure
Total Pages 25

我不想当豌豆 I don't want to be a pea!

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