One day, Mr Wolf walked into Mrs Sheep bakery shop. He wanted a Chocolate pastry bread. Mrs Sheep was so frightened that she quickly gave him the bread. After Mr Wolf left, Mrs Sheep asked Mrs Billy Goat to help her look after the shop. The next day, Mr Wolf appeared again...what would happen to Mrs Billy Goat?



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Book Details
Title 不然的话 Sinon
Author 爱丽斯·谢伊 (法) Alice Bassié
Illustrator 西尔万·迪尔兹 (法) Sylvain Diez
Translated By 许巧巧 译
Publisher 外语教学与研究出版社
Date Published 1 January 2013
In Language Chinese (zh-cmn)
ISBN 9787513526906
Reading Level Ages 7 and above (Reading to Child Ages 5 and above)
Genre Children, Humour, General Fiction, Action and Adventure
Total Pages 24

不然的话 Sinon

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