When Mr. and Mrs. Deer find a little antlered bundle on the doorstep, Mrs. Deer thinks their wish for a baby has come true; Mr. Deer thinks that the baby is very, very peculiar. It won’t stop roaring, so they ask advice from friends and family, who in turn send them off to fetch what they think the baby needs. But each time Mr. and Mrs. Deer return home from an errand, someone is missing and the baby is still roaring. It takes wise old Granny Bear to spot the problem. The baby’s not a baby - it’s a little monster! A very hungry monster at that. . . - Source Goodreads

Simon is the author of The Baby That Roared. He had a peripatetic childhood (New Zealand, Trinidad, Australia, England, Barbados plus stopovers a-go-go), which seems to have induced in the adult version a tendency to sit tight. But he lives in Edinburgh, so there are mountains of things to see and do on his doorstep – almost literally in the case of mountains themselves. He studied English Literature at Newcastle University, which has come in handy for him not so much as a writer as as a reader (fantastically clumsy but legitimate use of a double ‘as’). Simon has written several books before, including Miss Fox and the Goat and Donkey books, and hopes to write many more – though not too many, he says: just the right number… whatever that may turn out to be. Oh, and, for the third time, he’s been shortlisted for the Royal Mail Awards for Scottish Children’s Books. -Source http://nosycrow.com/authors-etc/simon-puttock



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Book Details
Title 大叫的宝宝 The Baby that Roared!
Author 西蒙·帕托克 (新西兰) Simon Puttock
Illustrator 纳迪娅·希琳 (英) Nadia Shireen
Translated By 席娟 译
Publisher 外语教学与研究出版社
Date Published 1 January 2013
In Language Chinese (zh-cmn)
ISBN 9787513526913
Reading Level Ages 7 and above (Reading to Child Ages 5 and above)
Genre Children, Humour, General Fiction, Action and Adventure
Total Pages 33

大叫的宝宝 The Baby that Roared!

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